Cranky Pants

by Saint Tone

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Cranky Pants is a Fun Party Rock /Hip Hop infusion By Saint Tone featuring Rap verses by Blu Nyle & Mike Precise. It's a fun song about how Cranky people can act sometimes & a reminder to lighten up and loose those Cranky Pants!


What's up with your cranky pants 4x
You better change CP if you want to hang with me
What's up with your cranky pants

You've got a big black cloud hanging over your head
Well if it's lack of sleep you best go back to bed
Shift your attitude cause you're acting rude
Your funky bad mood needs to change real soon

Cause all you ever do is bitch and moan to me
With your best new friend yah misery
It's time to shut her up, lock her up, and throw away the key

What's up with your cranky pants

Up and down moods swinging around
I'm known to bring sounds that shake and rumble the ground
You know what I found playing this game called life
you need to separate the real from the fake drive through the strife

You've heard this song before so please don't kill my vibe
have to admit you walk in the party dies 3x

I'm a simple and wise guy with passion in my eyes
I'm here to lift spirits till we all reached the sky
I can't recognize why you look so mad
so what we all have haters be grateful be glad

Call the doctor shake it off man because your funk is killing me
You're no fun to be around when you're down
infection spreads like a disease - make it hard to breathe

What's up with your cranky pants 3x last one sing up

Homie stop tripping clucking like a chicken
Whiney sad about everything that's missing
Step up your position - vibes your killing
Hatens for bidding you should learn from the children mmhmm
There's a spark that's missing Let me light it up let me turn your ignition
Yooow start it up start it up
Vision when you're 80 feel like a schmuck
Reflecting ready to self-destruct
Wasted all your life complain about what now alone with a fiber in your cup
pushed everyone away scared every day Midnight black hair that you turned all gray
decay And your fears an your hate no way paint a life like Monet

CP you better change them jeans 3x
if you want to hang with me you can't be so cranky 2x

Cranky 5 x What's up with your cranky pants, what's up with your cranky pants


released November 11, 2014
Saint Tone - Cranky Pants
Music and Words By Tony Saint Tone
Male Rap Verse written by Mike Precise
Female Rap verse written by Blu Nyle
Produced by Tony Saint Tone

Tony Saint Tone Lead Vocals, Janie Boisclair Backing Vocals, David Gilman Guitar, Kevin Regec Bass, & Scotty Reeves Drums.



all rights reserved


Saint Tone Sarasota, Florida

Saint Tone is a motivational Musician who writes Positive Pop Rock Songs. Tony writes in a wide variety of styles that combine pop, rock, country, rap, and RnB. Each song has a a unique message and sound. His topics are about self empowerment, unity, power, spirituality, etc and nothing to do about religion. ... more

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